The CBT is a whole day course which is taken at an approved training site; my aim
has and always will be safety for the candidate.

CBT is split into different elements, remember CBT is not a test we will assesspic2
your ability throughout the whole day the elements are as follows:

  1. Basic introduction
  2. Practical on-site training
  3. Practical on-site riding
  4. Practical on-road training
  5. Practical on-road riding

The CBT will always be limited to a small group because the smaller the group more
time can be spent with each candidate. The legal minimum road ride for CBT is 2
hours, if in the unlikely event that you do not reach the required standard, you
will have to re sit all or part of CBT, but it is for a very good reason, SAFETY.
Remember learning takes time especially for a 16 year old that has never been on
the road before.