Direct Access

Module 1

All training for Module 1 will be at the DSA’s MPTC (multi purpose test centre), where you will be in the exact same environment when you take your test for real.

DSC_0122At the MPTC you will have the facility of the laser speed equipment which will be used for your Mod 1 test, ultra accurate and reliable. Whilst at the test centre you will be able to practise all of the other manoeuvres which include the U turn slalom figure of eight slow riding exercise and emergency brake.

Module 2

DSC_0054The Module 2 test consists of an eyesight check, show me or tell me questions of the bike maintenance and pillion questions, once all of that is completed it is a straightforward road ride which will take approx 40 minutes. The examiner will also ask you to follow road signs for a short period of time, what the examiners are looking for is a nice safe comfortable ride taking into account weather and road traffic conditions. All of the set tests will have been done already for example the u turn e brake etc, but you may well be asked to do a hill start angle start and maybe a downhill start, don’t worry you will be taught all of this on DSC_0011your lessons. At the end of the test the examiner will give his result at the MPTC office in private, hopefully then you will have your licence to 2 wheel freedom. If the result has gone the other way it is disappointing but not the end of the world, it simply means that the area what you failed on just needs a little more work, once that has been
done I will simply re book you in and you re take.